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Products for Medical and Lab Purposes
W Series HP Compressors
Videojet® 1860 Industrial Inkjet Printer
Videojet® 1660 Industrial Inkjet Printer
Videojet® 1620 Ultra High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer
Videojet® 1650 Ultra High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer

Industrad Group
Industrad was established in 1987 in the United States of America as a consulting engineering & marketing Company. It provides Industrial Consultancy, Sales & Marketing of Process Plant, Machinery & Equipment, Project Management, Technical Support in Operation & Maintenance of Process Plant & Machinery, Energy Conservation Services, Renewable Energy Systems & Radio Frequency Identification System.

Our installations include: Programmable Logic Controlled (PLC) Plants and Equipment; complete Stretch Blow and Injection Molding, Filling & Packaging Lines for liquids, semi-solids, solids and powders in containers, pouches and sachets; Labeling Solutions; Online Inspection & Date Coding Systems in beverage, food processing, dairy, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, edible oil processing etc. These areas of expertise have given Industrad a reputation for reliability. Our customers trust us when it comes to commitments.


Our Governing Factors
Skilled technicians at the Machines
Qualified, experienced & best foreign & local after sales support, available in fastest time.
No delays in scheduled overhauling & maintenance.
No compromise in timely change of spare & consumable parts.

Our Services

A buyer’s goal is to go for the best technology from the most reliable vendor. However, these choices contribute only about 30% in the operating life of Plant, Machinery & Equipment. The term “best technology” was important only till mid 1920’s. In the 21st century, technology becomes obsolete in maximum 5 years due to the rapid growth in modern research.

Vendor’s reliability works as long as Plant, Machinery & Equipment do not leave vendor’s manufacturing site.


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